RoboMate LTD is an innovative startup, R&D company focused on eHealth and educational needs. Our mission is to provide software solutions for humanoid robots, and virtual reality system, which can become an integral part of our daily life.

roboMate  uses an Italian technology, developed specifically for healthcare needs.

The roboMate platform together with the robots of Softbank Robotics makes possible to deliver Robot Telepresence/Telemedicine and  Robot Assisted Therapy services and functionalities to patient that need Neuro-Enablement and Neuro-Rehabilitation therapy. RAT in the context of Neuro-Enablement and Neuro-Rehabilitation is a therapeutic methodology that uses advanced technological tools such as anthropomorphic humanoid robots, computers and tablets. Useful tools for the teacher / doctor / therapist to enhance and generate both standardized stimuli and an objective evaluation of the patient's responses. roboMate remote control for remote therapy and telemedicine  Using roboMate is it possible to execute and deliver medical services remotely, this feature extend the presence of the doctor in a sort of telemedicine and remote therapy fashion.